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Purple wandering Jew Plant


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500gm organic fertilizer free with each plant.

Disclaimer: The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.


The purple wandering jew plant is a beautiful ornamental plant and is full of medicinal properties. The purple wandering jew plant has main pharmacological activities that fights from anticancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, antitrypanosomal, anti erythematic, and larvicidal.

These plants are used as a decorative purpose because of its gorgeous looking purple leaves.

Wandering Jew plant was used in treating many diseases like gastrointestinal problems, mucosal infections, wounds , venereal diseases and even cancer because of its 2 natural properties. As this works as an antioxidant and  antibacterial for resolving such issues[2]. Still This plant is a rare mystery.

Watering is important. Make sure that you can water the plant every day or whenever the topsoil becomes dry. Fertilizing once in two months will be sufficient enough for its normal healthy growth.


Did you know having an indoor houseplant not only cleans the inside air and removes most of the pollutants but having one of the plants in your room can promote happiness around you eventually you may feel less stress.

Some plants even give oxygen at night and can be kept in the bedroom.


  • Indoor plants also need less care but provide sufficient light and water is the basic need of every plant.
  • Wandering Jew is best for beginner as it can be easily grown by any person, having benefits like gives healthy air in the surrounding.
  • This plant can be grown both in the pot and as hanging.
  • Any type of soil and moderate sunlight is good for this plan
  • It spreads easily in damp areas that’s why it naturally grows along riverbanks and roadsides.
  • When potted, the soil should be kept moist but well-drained. Saturated soil often causes the roots and stems to soften and rot.


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